Ideas for teaching math to kids

Teaching math to children can be fun, but it can also be extremely difficult. If you are a teacher in elementary school or just the parent of a small child who wants to teach your young one how to count and to solve simple math problems, here are several ideas that will help you.

Children can reveal mathematical talents even in kindergarten. However, the most important foundational math skills will be taught starting in first grade. Thus, if you want to teach math to children you need to incorporate some ideas that will make it fun and interesting.

  1. Create a math dictionary. This project can be extremely useful for learning math. All you have to do is to have your child write all necessary numbers and math functions in a notebook, which he or she can then reference for future use while solving math problems.
  2. Math puzzles. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is another useful way to help children learn math, even if the puzzle has 100 pieces. First show the children how to count the puzzle pieces and then leave them to make the puzzle their own way!
  3. Using sports and math. It may seem odd at first, but sports can teach children about mathematics. How? Well, if the children play football or basketball, you can ask them to count how many players are on one team. You can also make interesting visual math exercises using addition and subtraction.

These are some interesting, unique and fun ideas to teach math to children. Of course, these are not the only ones, but they are a good start to show children that math can be fun and interesting at the same time.