Identifying coins

Identifying Coins video Practice Identifying Coins with this video on Kids Math TV.

Money & Shopping toys

Money Shopping toys videoMoney & buying toys math video on Kids Math TV.

Money problem

Money problem 02 video Practice adding coins with this video on Kids Math TV.

Money problem

Money problem 03 video Practice Money problems with this video on Kids Math TV.

Money problem

Money problem 01 video Practice money exercises with this math video.

Money and Shopping math video tutorials for children to practice

Math video tutorials on money, shopping and consumer math for children to practice. These videos are online interactive videos and are suitable for classroom and homeschooling activities. Each video is a unique money skill builder. After watching these videos, download a money and shopping worksheet for more practice. Suitable math tutorials for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 33rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades.

Consumer math and money tutorials

This page contains selected samples of our videos from the consumer math and money tutorials category.
Using your knowledge of math to better handle your personal finances and be a smart consumer can be quite valuable, and stands as one of the most useful practical skills that your learners can pick up from an early age. Gain access to our entire library of high-quality math videos by signing up for a member’s account here at
The videos we prepare stick to a short runtime – usually spanning two to five minutes – because we go straight to the point in explaining each math topic. These consumer math and money tutorials are discussed using only plain and simple English so that they could be useful to ESL students and younger learners. The lesson material for all of these tutorials is compliant with common core state standards.
The narrator introduces each topic using a clear and congenial voice to help kids pay attention. Our videos make ample use of all sorts of visual aids – from flash cards and posters to toys and building blocks, and even written examples on a whiteboard – so that your learners can more effectively grasp different math concepts.
The gruff but cute puffball monster on the thumbnail can act as a travel buddy for your students as they progress along their journey towards learning the fundamentals of consumer math.
Children can begin by watching the introduction video on the basics of counting money. They will be shown examples of various coins in US currency, and the corresponding value of each coin. Your child might benefit from having coins with them while studying, so that they can tag along with each video’s activities.
Kids can easily establish the link between the value of money and shopping for items set at various prices. They can practice with our tutorial on money and shopping toys to help them quickly figure out the combination of coins needed to purchase items – at the exact price or with change.
While studying these videos, you might also find the time to teach them the equally important lesson of understanding the necessity of different items and purchasing only useful and important things.
For further training, we’ve included three different money word problems on this page. To add a dash of fun to these activities, you can even engage your students by acting out how they would buy or sell items with you as a store owner or customer.
These money counting videos can be excellent study aids on their own, but for a well-rounded study session at home or at school, you can also make use of our worksheets on money. Simply hop on over to our Worksheets page to find money math problem sheets that are appropriate for your child’s level.
Don’t forget that you can gain access to our full repertoire of consumer math and money tutorials, as well as videos and other resources on a diverse range of math topics, by signing up for a membership account.