Subtraction video Practice Subtraction with this video on Kids Math TV.

Word Problem

Subtraction Word Problem 8 Apples videoSubtraction word problem video on Kids Math TV.


Subtraction video Practice subtraction with this video on Kids Math TV.


Subtraction without regrouping videoSubtraction, no regrouping video on Kids Math TV.

Multi Step subtraction

Subtraction Multi Step Word Problem 19 Pencils video Multi- step subtraction video on Kids Math TV.

Subtract Across Zeros

Subtract Across Zeros video Practicing subtraction across zeros video.


Subtract Whole Numbers With Regrouping videoSubtract of whole numbers with regrouping math video.

Subtract  Numbers

Subtract Whole Numbers Without Regrouping videoSubtract of numbers without regrouping video.

Subtraction applied

Subtraction Word Problem Spending Dollars video Subtraction word problem on spending money math video.

Subtraction videos for children to watch and practice

Math video tutorials on subtraction for children in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades to practice. Each subtraction video builds subtraction skills as required for each level. After watching a video, download subtraction worksheets on the site for more practice. These math videos are in line with common core state standards on subtraction.

Videos on Subtraction for kids

On this page you will find our extensive library of videos on subtraction for kids. We aim to make teaching this fundamental arithmetic skill as simple and approachable as possible for children of all ages. This page includes choice excerpts from our growing catalogue of high-quality math videos. Gain access to the rest of our math videos by signing up to as a member!
We like to keep our videos short but packed with substantial information on different math topics. Each video usually has a runtime lasting somewhere around two to five minutes – enough time for us to mentally engage kids while keeping them from being overwhelmed.
The narrator of our videos on subtraction for kids speaks in a friendly and clear tone, and we use only simple and straightforward English in explaining our topics so that younger students and ESL learners can follow along. We even make use of a set of visual aids – such as toys, flash cards, building blocks and whiteboard illustrations – to expedite the process of explaining each concept to your students.
You can let your child explore the world of subtraction at their convenience using the free math videos found on this page. Our coverage of subtraction topics is meant to be digestible to learners from kindergarten to elementary school. In addition, we always make sure that the competencies we include in each topic are compliant with common core state standards.
To get started, kids can view our general introduction video on subtraction. Once they’ve understood the basic process of reducing a number by another number, they can move on to learning how to convert word problems into subtraction equations.
Word problems are a fantastic way to bridge the gap between learning the theoretical part of subtracting and applying it to real-world situations. This page currently contains two video excerpts on subtraction word problems.
The first sample word problem is a simple exercise dealing with eight apples. Our second problem cranks up the challenge by a little bit; children will be tasked to solve a multi-step word problem involving nineteen pencils. We also have problems that concern how to subtract numbers with the use of regrouping, and another tutorial without any regrouping at all.
Zeroes can be a tricky number to work with in subtracting operations, especially for younger children. To help them navigate through this bump in their learning progress, we’ve also featured a tutorial on how to subtract across zeroes.
Lastly, as part of our collection of money-based math topics and other practical math skills, we’ve also made a subtraction word problem on spending dollars available here on this page.
These videos on subtraction for kids are excellent partners to our math worksheets. Print and download our sheets on minus operations so your child can practice while watching our videos.
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