Clocks Types

Clocks Types video Practice Clocks Types with this video on Kids Math TV.

Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time video Practice elapsed time with this video on Kids Math TV.

Time in Hours

Time Telling Hour videoTelling time to the hour video on Kids Math TV.

Time in Half Hours

Time to Half Hour videoTime to half hour video on Kids Math TV.

Time to Quarter Hour

Time to Quarter Hour videoTime to the quarter hour video on Kids Math TV.

Time Word Problem

Time Word Problem Bedtime Sleep Hours videoTime word problem, Sleeping hours video on Kids Math TV.

Time Word Problem

Time Word Problem Exam Time video Time Word Problem on exam time video.


Time Word Problem Minutes of Sleep videoTime word problems related to minutes of sleep video.

Telling the time exercises - math videos

Have a look at our telling the time exercises – math videos on this page. We believe there’s an efficient way to teach children how to read the time from a clock, and the videos below reflect that belief. These video tutorials are samples selected from our much larger collection of math videos here at KidsMathTV. You can gain access to all of our tutorials and other resources when you sign up for a membership account.
We always like to be straight to the point in discussing each topic. You’ll find that most of our videos last only around two to five minutes – since that’s all the time we need to explain the most important points, while leaving ample time for viewers to tag along with our practice activities.
Our telling the time exercises – math videos are narrated in clear and pleasing English. We keep our language basic and simple so that younger readers and ESL learners can comfortably understand our lessons. We frequently use visual aids – such as educational toys, analog and digital clocks, and writing on whiteboards – to more clearly explain each topic. By combining all of these features, we aim to foster a productive learning experience for our viewers.
Our selection of topics on this page will cover the fundamentals of how to tell time.
For younger learners, we’ve prepared a starting video to introduce them to different kinds of clocks – especially analog and digital clocks. This will help them become familiar with identifying and reading both later on. Kids usually find that reading time from digital clocks is easier than doing so from analog models, but they can master both as they keep practicing.
To help them apply their newfound knowledge of counting seconds, minutes and hours on a timepiece, your learners can watch our tutorial on elapsed time. The tutorial will run drills on reading timestamps quickly and accurately.
Kids can practice telling time to the hour, following only the position of the short hand. As they get better at this, you can proceed to teaching how to read the time to the half hour and quarter hour. You might be surprised at how quickly they’ll move on to telling time to the minute, and calculate the time remaining until a set period.
On this page, we’ve also included tutorials that challenge your learners with word problems based around time. To tether the topic to their daily lives, the sample word problems we’ve selected are about identifying their bedtime and exam time. They will also be tasked with solving how many minutes of sleep a particular person enjoyed throughout a night.
Your kids can learn more effectively when you pair our high-quality telling the time exercises – math videos with our worksheets on telling time. Simply download and print our sheets from this site for your child to work on while they’re watching our videos.
Remember to sign up to as a member so that you can gain access to our growing library of math tutorials and other educational resources.

Telling time math video tutorials for children to practice

Telling the time math video tutorials for children to practice varied skills on time. Each video is a skill builder on time related activities; featuring time videos are: telling time on analogue clocks video, telling time at A.M. and P.M. videos, word problems related to time etc. These math videos are for children in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Print worksheets on time and get more practice.