Adding Decimals

Adding Decimals video Practice Adding Decimals with this video on Kids Math TV.

Comparing Decimals

Comparing Decimals video Practice Comparing Decimals with this math video.

Divide Decimals

Dividing Decimals by Decimals video Practice Dividing Decimals by Decimals with this video.

Dividing Decimals

Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers videoLearn dividing decimals by whole numbers video.

Division, Remainders

Division with Fraction Remainders video Practice Division with Fraction Remainders with this video.

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals video Practice multiplying decimals with this math video.

Ordering Decimals

Ordering Decimals video Practice Ordering Decimals with this math video.

Rounding Decimals

Rounding Decimals videoRounding Decimals math video on Kids Math TV.

Subtracting Decimals

Subtracting Decimals videoSubtracting Decimals math video.

Decimals illustrated

Decimals illustrated video Practice Decimals illustrated with this video.

Math video tutorials on decimals for children to learn

Decimal video lessons for children in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Also print out worksheets on decimals on the site and get more practice.

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Decimals are one way for children to study the concept of certain numbers representing parts of a whole. They are a type of real number that kids will encounter in other classes – especially science-related subjects – due to being used to measure various quantities. By establishing a solid study habit, children can be quite adept at handling decimals from an early age.

Several aspects must be discussed in teaching decimals. Apart from arithmetic operations involving these numbers, children should pick up how to round off decimals to different place values. A rounding decimals video can be a concise but effective avenue into studying this concept. And we take the word “concise” to heart in our video format. Our videos usually last approximately two to five minutes because we go straight to the point with our math lectures.

The narrator in each video speaks in a clear and pleasant tone. We also take care to explain our topics with only plain and basic English so that our younger viewers and ESL students can learn just as effectively. We use a variety of visual aids at our disposal to further demonstrate the mechanics behind our topics – these props can include posters, flash cards, stamps, and drawing other illustrations on a whiteboard.

This category covers different decimal topics from Grades 3 to 7. Our discussion of each topic always falls in line with state standards for the Common Core curriculum.

We’ve included separate tutorials to cover each arithmetic operation. Your students can get started by watching our videos on how to add, subtract, divide and multiply with decimals. Each video contains a handful of practice problems to help kids exercise their knowledge with decimals.

An inherent quirk of division problems at school is that an answer may consist strictly of a quotient, or a quotient and a remainder. Remainder questions are usually more common at lower levels. To reflect this quirk, we’ve prepared different videos about division in which kids solve for quotients or quotients with remainders.

There are a few other related skills that kids can practice to round out their study of decimals. Younger learners can learn how to compare decimals – this serves a double purpose of improving their grasp of place values in general. We also have a related video on how to correctly order a set of decimal numbers, and a brief tutorial on the correct way for rounding decimals.

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