Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns video Practice repeating patterns with this video.

Growing Patterns

Growing Patterns video Practice growing patterns with this video on Kids Math TV.

Similar Patterns

Similar Patterns video Practice similar patterns with this video on Kids Math TV.


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Growing patterns in maths video for kids

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The study of patterns can help your students exercise their burgeoning capacity for logic and observation. One of the most basic types of patterns that toddlers and young kids can master is the repeating pattern. The most apparent feature of a repeating pattern is that it remains consistent throughout its sequence – in other words, it simply repeats.
The subject of this category is also concerned with a second type of pattern – the growing pattern. On this page, you will find growing patterns in maths video for kids that discuss various aspects of this topic. We keep our videos short and straight to the point – with each tutorial only taking two to five minutes to effectively discuss a concept and issue practice problems.
Each video is also narrated in a clear, friendly and approachable voice, to set our viewers in a productive listening mood. We see to it that only simple and straightforward English is used in our discussions, for the benefit of our ESL audience and younger viewers. In addition, we make use of all kinds of visual aids – from learning toys, building blocks, stamps, stickers, flash cards, and writing on a whiteboard – to better portray the processes behind each topic.
By combining all of these features into each video, we aim to deliver a pleasing and fruitful study session for our viewers.
Your child can pause and play at any point in our interactive video so that they have time to catch up and meaningfully absorb their lessons. They can consider the grouchy but cute puffball monster on our video thumbnails as their study buddy.
Younger learners can begin with our introductory video on patterns. It specifically explains the topic of repeating patterns first, as this type is much easier to grasp. They can then move on to growing patterns. Once they’ve familiarized both types, they can challenge themselves to find similar patterns on our similar patterns tutorial.
This page includes to sample practice problems. These videos will task your learners to figure out a specific pattern in different sequences, and identify whether the pattern grows or repeats. Another video contains exercises for patterns involving unknown numbers.
We often overlook the utility of patterns in our daily lives. However, this ability to observe repetitions in nature and our surroundings forms a key component of a child’s sensory and cognitive intelligence. To help your child get the most out of our growing patterns in maths video for kids, you can print and download our pattern worksheets in our Worksheets category.
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Video tutorials on patterns in math

Learn patterns in math with these math video lessons. Watch these videos and learn about number patterns, repeating patterns of objects, growing patterns, similar patterns etc. These videos are practical and highly illustrated and are suitable for children in kindergarten, 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. Print worksheets on patterns on the site for more practice.