Kindergarten math video lessons online, counting using shapes, practice tracing and writing numbers, geometry, classification, patterns

Counting 1 to 10

Counting 1 to 10 video Learn how to count from 1 to 10 with this online video. Learn using objects and spelling numbers.

Number 1

Number 01 video Learn how to trace and write the number one (1) videos tutorial online for kindergartners.

Number 2

Number 02 video Writing the number 2 (two) online math video lesson, look at the number, using tracing sheets to write it.

Number 3

Number 03 videoThe number 3 (three), traced, counted and spelled math lesson online for kids.

Number 4

Number 04 video Practice writing, spelling and counting number 4 (four) with this video, homeschool kids.

Number 5

Number 05 video Counting up to number 5 (five) math video lesson for kids, trace and spell the number.

Number 6

Number 06 video Number 6 (six), how is it spelled, how to we count ? online video on Kids Math TV.

Number 7

Number 07 video Number 7 (seven) like seven books, balls etc, online math video.

Number 8

Number 08 video Practice Number 8 (eight), counting and spelling with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 9

Number 09 video Number 9 (nine) - nine balls, chips, elephants, goats etc video lesson on Kids Math TV.

Number 10

Number 10 video Practice Number 10 (ten ) video lesson on Kids Math TV - count up to 10.


Subtraction video Introduction to subtraction online math video for kids, watch and learn.

Identifying coins

Identifying Coins video Teach kids about money Identifying - US. Coins, nickels, dime, dollar cents.

Addition of Numbers

Addition of Numbers videoBasic addition of numbers video tutorial for homeschooling on kids online.


Classification video Classification of objects by type, color, shape, size etc video for kids.

Short vs Long

Short Long video Comparing Short versus Long objects videos for children in kindergarten.

Clocks Types

Clocks Types video Introducing kids to telling time on clocks visual lesson online.

Spatial sense

Inside Outside Positions videoInside and outside positions math video online for kids to learn spatial sense.

Spatial Sense

Spatial Sense video Spatial sense and directions math video on Kids Math TV for homeschooling kids.


Circle video Learning geometry - circle shape video online for kids in kindergarten.

Shapes hexagon

Shapes hexagon video Practicing the shapes of a hexagon math video for kids online.

Shapes, Octagon

Shapes Octagon video Geometry with the shapes Octagon video tutorial for teaching kids online.

Shapes, oval

Shapes oval video Learn about oval shapes like an egg math video for kids online.

Shapes, pentagon

Shapes pentagon video Geometry - what is a pentagon video lesson for kids in kindergarten.

Shapes, rectangle

Shapes rectangle video Identifying rectangular shapes video lesson for children at home and in school

Shapes, Rhombus

Shapes Rhombus video Rhombus shape similar to a diamond, let kids watch and learn in this lesson.

Shapes, square

Shapes square video What is a square ? learn how to draw and color this shape with this video on Kids Math TV.

Shapes, Trapezoid

Shapes Trapezoid video Geometry lesson for kids on what is a trapezoid, watch online and practice on paper.

Shapes, triangle

Shapes triangle video Triangles have three sides - learn to trace and draw triangles in this video.

Kindergarten math video lessons online

Kindergarten math video tutorials online for children. These are online interactive self-study aids for just about any math skill learnt at Kindergarten. These math tutorials are in line with common core state standards for kindergarten and contain video tutorials on: Learning how to count using shapes, practice tracing and writing numbers, geometry, classification, patterns etc. These math lessons are suitable homeschool and classroom materials for parents and teachers. Topics: Money Addition Assorted skills Numbers Subtraction Time Spatial Sense Shapes