Adding Integers Rules

Adding Integers Rules videoAdding integers rules video on Kids Math TV.

Adding Integers

Adding Integers Using T Chart videoAdding Integers Using T Chart math video.

Order of Operations

Correct Order Operations videoCorrect Order Operations math video.

Multiply,Divide Integers

Multiplying Dividing Integers videoMultiplying & Dividing Integers video on Kids Math TV.

Order of Operation

Order of Operation Large Expression videoOrder of operation in expressions practice video.

Order of Operations

Order of Operations Solve Expression videoOrder of operations, solve expressions video.

Order of Operations

Order of Operations videoOrder of Operations  video on Kids Math TV.


Rate video Practice Rate with this video on Kids Math TV.


Ratios video Practice Ratios with this video on Kids Math TV.

2 Step Equations

Solving 2 Step Equations video Practice Solving 2 Step Equations  math video.

2 Step Equations

Solving 2 Step Equations 2 video Practice Solving two Step Equations math video.

2 Step Equations

Solving 2 Step Equations 3 videoSolving two Step Equations video on Kids Math TV.

Solve an Expression

Solving an Expression videoSolving an expression video on Kids Math TV.


Solving Proportions Using Cross Products videoSolving proportions using cross products video.

Solve Proportions

Solving Proportions video Practice solving proportions with this math video.

Subtract Integer Rules

Subtracting Integers Rules videoSubtracting integers Rules math video.

Subtracting Integers

Subtracting Integers Using T Chart videoSubtracting Integers Using T- Chart math video.

Math video lessons on algebra

Learn pre algebra and algebra skills with math video tutorials on this page. Several algebra I and algebra II skills can be learnt by watching and interacting with these videos. These video lessons are for children in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Print algebra worksheets on the site for more practice.

Pre-Algebra Exercises Videos Tutorial

Come and check out this page for our pre-algebra exercises videos and tutorials. These bite-sized tutorials can help your learners study various pre-algebraic topics at their own convenience. You can use our videos as excellent teaching aids for lessons at school or at home – children can even watch a few videos while travelling! Gain access to our full suite of math tutorials by signing in to your membership account at

A good grasp of pre-algebra can grant a considerable advantage to students dealing with actual algebra in secondary school. The videos on this page are intended to guide students in navigating different pre-algebra concepts and solving associated problems with accuracy and speed. Together with a consistent study habit, these videos can help your students feel confident in their abstract thinking and logical ability as they go through secondary school math.

Here at KidsMathTV, we value being straightforward in teaching our topics. Our concise and efficient lesson format means that most of our pre-algebra exercises videos and tutorials last only two to five minutes. This means your students can swiftly deal with a handful of our videos within the span of one study session. Our website’s video players are interactive on any device; your students can play, pause and rewind important segments so that they could learn at their own pace.

We pay a lot of attention to how we can best teach our pre-algebra lessons. Our narrators explain each topic in a clear and pleasant voice, and we use only plain and simple English so our ESL audience and younger learners have no problem picking up our topics. In addition, we like to use a variety of visual aids – educational toys, flash cards, and writing on a whiteboard – as a means to better illustrate each concept.

Our pre-algebra category spans a wide variety of topics for students from Grade 3 to Grade 7. All of our lessons are compliant with Common Core state standards.

Your students will encounter several types of pre-algebra problems throughout their elementary and secondary school. We will help them understand the mechanics and solutions to problems such as inequalities, linear equations, and multi-step problems. Younger learners can also begin with the rudiments of pre-algebra; our videos on how to find missing numbers and operations can be a good place for them to begin.

Multi-step problems can include equations in groups or parentheses. We have a detailed tutorial on understanding the parentheses in equations to help them avoid hiccups while solving problems.

It’s equally crucial for your children to be acquainted with identifying and solving equations with negative numbers. They can learn more about the properties of negative numbers in one of our videos.

Keep in mind that you can download and print pre-algebra worksheets from our Worksheets category to further enhance your students’ study time. Feel free to sign up to if you like to gain access to our growing collection of pre-algebra exercises videos and tutorials, in addition to many other math resources.