Rounding Nearest 100s

Rounding Nearest Hundred video Rounding to Nearest Hundred math video.

Rounding Nearest Ten

Rounding Nearest Ten video Practicing rounding to nearest ten video.

Rounding Numbers

Rounding Nearest Thousand videoRounding numbers to the nearest thousand video.

Rounding Rules

Rounding Rules videoRounding numbers rules practice video.

Rounding numbers video lesson for students

On this page, you can check out our videos for the rounding numbers video lesson for students category. These math tutorials can be excellent study aids for your learners to grasp the concept of rounding numbers and estimation. Bear in mind that you can get access to our growing library of math tutorials by simply signing up to as a member.
We make it a point to always be direct when discussing our topics. That’s why we utilize a bite-sized tutorial format, with most videos only taking two to five minutes while imparting a substantial amount of information. This also means your learners can study and practice with a handful of our videos in the span of a single study session. They can learn at school or from the comforts of their own home.
Each rounding numbers video lesson for students that we produce uses only plain and readily understandable English for the benefit of our younger viewers, as well as our ESL audience. Our narrator discusses every topic in a clear and hospitable voice. We make use of all kinds of visual aids – from stickers, stamps and posters, to toys, building blocks, flash cards and writing on a whiteboard – to further illustrate how numbers are rounded up or down.
By combining all of these qualities together, we intend to deliver a pleasant and mentally engaging virtual learning experience for all of our viewers. We also ensure that the subject material to each tutorial is compliant with common core state standards.
We designed these videos to help primarily with kids at the K-7 level. The concept of rounding off numbers is simple enough for many learners to grasp, even at an early age. However, the ability to round numbers off will continue to be useful in many practical situations throughout life. In fact, being able to round up or down correctly can make a few future math-reliant subjects, such as statistics and chemistry, a little easier.
Our introductory video on the key aspects of rounding and the rules for rounding off numbers is an excellent place for younger students to start watching. Children will also find it helpful to distinguish the instances in which a number should be rounded up or down.
We have also prepared a set of videos containing multiple practice problems. Learners can hone their skills in rounding off numbers to the nearest tens. These problems get progressively more difficult; our other videos deal with rounding numbers to the nearest hundreds or even thousands.
Your learners can study more effectively by using our rounding off worksheets. Simply save, download, and then print our sheets from our Worksheet category so that they can get the most out of our rounding numbers video lesson for students category! offers a growing collection of math tutorials on various topics, as well as high-quality worksheets and other types of educational resources. You can gain access to all of these and more just by signing up to as a member.

Rounding numbers videos tutorials

Classroom video lessons on rounding up numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand etc. These math rounding video tutorials are suitable for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade children. Each video is a useful classroom and homeschooling aid. For more practice print a worksheet on rounding numbers on this site.