Math Video Tutorials by Level    From Kindergarten  to 7th Grade Videos

Kids Math TV provides Math Video Tutorials for teaching children by level from Kindergarten to 7th Grade. This site will serve as your private math tutor and math help for children.  Click on the thumbnails below to access these online math videos by level. These videos are never longer than 5 minutes, which makes it easier for kids to fully absorb the lesson. We've aligned the videos to most US curriculum and state standards, covering topics from basic to complex - counting to algebra.

Kindergarten Math Videos

 Kindergarten math tutorials to help kids practice math skills:counting, tracing numbers 1 to 10, recognizing numbers, geometry shapes, clocks &, positions, long, short, days of week, CLICK HERE

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First Grade Math Videos

1st grade math tutorials on: Graphs, line plots, picture graphs, symmetry, 3D shapes, telling time, fractions, addition, subtraction, numbers & counting, money coins, bar graphs, tallies, spatial sense and more,  CLICK HERE

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Second Grade Math Videos

2nd grade math tutorials on : Fractions, place value, addition & subtraction, concept of division, classification, probability, possible outcomes, word problems Venn diagram, counting in twos, threes, and more, CLICK HERE

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Third Grade Math Videos

3rd grade math tutorials on : Addition & subtraction with regrouping, divisibility rules, congruent figures, area of complex figures, angles, perimeter, area, factors, Roman numerals and more, CLICK HERE

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Fourth Grade Math Videos

4th grade math tutorials on : Rounding numbers, place value, multiplication, unit cost, long division, mean, mode median, inequalities, linear equations, integers, plotting coordinate pairs,and more, CLICK HERE

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Fifth Grade Math Videos

5th grade math tutorials: decimals, long division, subtraction, measuring angles, area of parallelogram, triangle, square, volume of rectangular prisms, pre-algebra, multiplication, fractions and more, CLICK HERE

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Sixth Grade Math Videos

6th grade math tutorials on: standard form, exponent, supplementary and complementary angles, sum of angles in a quadrilateral, decimals, number theory, ratios,and more, CLICK HERE

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Seven Grade Math Videos

7th grade math tutorials on: order of operations, algebra 2, adding & subtracting integers, ratio word problems, proportions, decimals, Pythagorean theorem, area of circle, standard form, two step equations, and more, CLICK HERE

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How to math videos for children

Browse our extensive range of how-to math videos for children. Our concise and engaging videos will help your students learn about a variety of math topics in a fun and appealing manner. Feel free to use them as additional learning materials for the classroom or at home.
Our videos typically last three to five minutes – perfect for delivering the right amount of information on a chosen topic without straining a child’s attention. Through this format, your child can have ample time to learn different math concepts in a single sitting.
Our how-to math videos for children are also presented clearly, and designed to grab your learner’s attention from start to end. Each topic is pleasantly narrated in simple English to make it understandable to young or ESL learners. We also make use of an assortment of visual aids, such as building blocks, toys, and whiteboard illustrations to provide kids with a clear example of each concept.
On this page, we have featured several of our free math videos ranging from kindergarten to 7th grade.
Samples of the videos from our kindergarten category include a general guide for kids to read and follow counting from 1 to 10. We’ve also uploaded the guides for counting the numbers one to three. Note that the thumbnail to every video on this page will feature a delightfully grouchy and cute puffball monster.
Our elementary category is quite comprehensive. By signing up to the KidsMathTV website, you will be able to find the rest of our math video selection for Grades 1 to 6. You might also like to check our store for copies of our high-quality math videos.
The selected samples of Grade 1 to 2 videos shown below tackle fundamental concepts, especially addition. Kids will practice adding, translating word problems into addition equations, and solving a variety of related addition word exercises.
Here at KidsMathTV, we place great emphasis on teaching practical skills to kids. One particular skill they can learn as part of their math curriculum is counting and organizing their money. To that end, we’ve put up a sample video on how kids can add and count coins below.
Our 3rd Grade to 4th Grade category explains a slew of new concepts, including multiplication and division. The samples we’ve added below can help kids grasp the fundamentals of dividing – they will learn about the divisibility rules for 2, 5, 10 and other numbers, and work on division word problems.
We’re also offering samples of decimal and fraction tutorials as part of our 5th and 6th Grade category. Students can learn how to add, compare and divide fractions, decimals or mixed fractions.
The excerpts from our 7th Grade math videos here mainly discuss number concepts, especially integers and the order of operations.
We’re happy to provide you these free how-to math videos for children as a convenient way to help you teach math concepts to kids. Remember to sign up as a KidsMathTV member if you’d like access to all our high-quality math videos online.