3rd Grade math video tutorials online, Addition, Division, Geometry, Graphs, tallies, measurements, Money Multiplication, Numbers.

Adding with Regrouping

Adding Whole Numbers With Regrouping videoAdding large numbers in equations needing regrouping or carrying math video lesson.

Addition Word Problem

Addition Word Problem Saving Money video Math video lesson online on addition involving money to be saved in a bank.

Addition Word Problem

Addition Word Problem Jones Dollars videoUS dollar addition video lesson for kids learn how to add money in real life.

Addition of ticket sales

Addition Word Problem ticket sales videoLearn adding / summing tickets and sales in this math video on Kids Math TV.

Addition of Numbers

Addition of Numbers videoAddition of two numbers lesson for 3rd graders to self-study math online.

Addition, no regrouping

Addition without regrouping videoAddition of two large numbers without carrying across places math lesson online

Addition Word Problem

Addition Word Problem Bird Eggs videoAddition word problems lesson, in this case adding eggs laid by a bird at different periods.

Addition Word Problem

Addition Word Problem Envelope Stamps videoAddition word activity video for kids learning to apply addition in real life.

Add, no regrouping

Addition without regrouping large numbers video Addition of two numbers not including cases of regrouping across different places.

Divisibility Rules 2 to 10

Divisibility Rules 2 to 10 videoDivisibility rules, if a number is divided by two or ten, what should happen ? math lesson.

Divisibility  2, 5 & 10

Divisibility Rules 2, 5 and 10 videoDivisibility Rules for 2, 5 and 10  math video tutorial, laws to follow when dividing.

Divisibility Rules 3 & 9

Divisibility Rules 3 and 9 videoDivisibility rules when dividing by 3 and 9  video lesson for kids to watch and learn.

Divisibility Rules 4 & 8

Divisibility Rules 4 and 8 video Rules for dividing numbers by 4 and 8 math video lesson for third graders.

Divisibility Rules for 6

Divisibility Rules for 6 video Practice the divisibility rules when dividing by  six in an equation. Learn online watching.

Division Word Problem

Division Word Problem Christmas Toys video Division of Christmas Toys in a math word problem, identify the problem and create an equation.

Division of Candies

Division Word Problem Packet of Candies video A division lesson online involving sharing candies from a packet, learn by watching.

Concept of Division

Concept of Division video Math video lesson on understanding the concept of division - for children in grade 3.

Division by 1 Digits

Division by Single Digits video Tutorial online for teaching children division of larger numbers by single place numbers.

Division by 1 Digits

Division by Single Digits 02 videoDivision of large and small numbers by a single digit number math video online.

Fraction of a group

Fractions As Part Group videoUnderstanding how to find out fractions as part of group video lesson for children.

Fractions, part of whole

Fractions As Part Whole video Identifying fractions as part of a whole circle math video for self-paced learning.

Adding Fractions

Adding Fractions with Common Denominator videoAddition of fractions that have a common denominator math video lesson online.

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions video Learn how to find equivalent fractions by finding missing denominators or numerators.

Area, Complex Figures

Area of Complex Figures video Math lesson on how to find the area of complex figures. Watch and review geometry skills.

Area of Triangle

Area of Triangle video Find the area of a triangle math video lesson for children, base x height divided by two.


Congruent non Congruent Figures videoCongruent / non Congruent, this video teaches children how to distinguish between them.

Open & Closed Figures

Open Closed Figures video Learn how to understand which shaped is considered open o close in geometric terms.

Perimeter of Shapes

Perimeter of Complex Objects videoFind the perimeter of complex figures math video tutorial for 3 graders online, watch & improve.


Perimeter video Review lesson on how to calculate the perimeter of common mathematical shapes.


Symmetry video Which objects have symmetry or are asymmetric, learn such skills in  geometry.

Types of Angles

Types of Angles video Differentiating types of angles math lesson video, acute, right, obtuse, and more.


Area video Learn how to calculate the area of figures by using maths formula taught in grade 3.

Common Shapes

Common Shapes video Learn by watching online the names and characteristics of common shapes in geometry.


Perimeter video Review skills in finding the perimeter of shapes, circle, square, triangle, rectangle etc.

Planar vs 3D Shapes

Planar 3D Shapes video What are planar shapes and how to they relate to 3 dimensional shapes in geometry terms.

Coordinate Graph

Coordinate Graph videoCoordinate Graphs math video where learn to plot points on graphs in x,y coordinates.

Line Plots

Line Plots video Linear graphs follow line plots of different points on a grid. Get extra practice on graph worksheets.

Line Plots

Line Plots 2 video Learn relation of data in statistics by watching this math video tutorial online on line plots.

Reading Bar Graphs

Reading Bar Graphs videoInteractive visual math lesson online on reading information from bar graphs - watch & learn.

Probability Vocabulary

Probability Vocabulary video Probability and possible outcomes, be introduced to the concept of finding the odds with this video.

Money problem

Money problem 02 video Prepare kids on how to spend money while shopping by letting them watch this math money problem.

Money & Shopping toys

Money Shopping toys videoMoney balance & accounting involving buying toys, math lesson for third graders.

Multiplying by 1 Digits

Multiplying by Single Digits video Review lesson online for kids in grade 3 to learn multiplying big numbers by single digits.


Multiplication Word Problem Building height videoMultiplication word problem that teaches kids with a real life example about the height of a building.

Multiplication concept

Basic Concept of Multiplication videoIntroduction video to the basic concept of multiplication. Children can watch & learn how to multiply.

Basic Multiplication

Basic Multiplication video Learn skills in basic multiplication facts and mental arithmetic for 3rd graders with math video.

Multiplication 3 no.

Multiplication 3 numbers video Practice how to multiply three numbers in this lesson. e.g. 3 x 10 x 5 = ?

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers video Comparing numbers using terminology like greater, less or equal to e.g. 12 > 11

Counting by Twos

Counting by Twos video Skip-counting by twos math video lesson online. Watch & learn number progressions.

Even / Odd Numbers

Even Odd Numbers video Learn how to identify Even  and Odd Numbers, learn the properties of both types of numbers.

Expanded - Std Form

Expanded Standard Form videoLearn about the expanded & Standard Form of numbers.Improve grade 3 skills on numbers theory.

Factor Pairs

Factor Pairs video Finding factor pairs video lesson for children in third grade, factors are divide the numbers in question.


Factor video What are factors ? learn how to find the factors of number by watching this video tutorial online.

Identify Place Values

Identifying Place Value video Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands place; Identify place values with this math video.

Number Lines

Number Lines video Number lines less video for third graders to understand how to find missing numbers.

Number Positions

Number Positions videoNumber Positions math lesson, teachers you which number comes before, after or in between.

Number System

Number System video Aspects of number system & number theory will be learnt by watching this online video.

Ordering Numbers

Ordering Numbers video Classifying & ordering numbers in terms of magnitude video for extra practice at home.

Prime or Composite

Prime Composite Numbers videoWhat are prime and composite numbers ? Learn to distinguish by watching this video online.

Prime Factors

Prime Factors video Finding the prime factors of numbers - learn skills alone on prime factors in third grade.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 01 videoRoman numerals have an equivalence in Arabic Numerals; learn to covert both in this video.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 02 video Find the equivalence of Arabic in Roman Numerals by watching this math lesson online.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 03 video Roman Numerals, learn how to write them, combine and calculate how they relate to Arabic numerals.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 04 video Writing Roman Numerals entails using letters while Arabic entail figures, learn how to convert both.

Skip counting, 3 s

Skip Counting 01 video Skip Counting numbers by threes for example, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 etc. Gain grade 3 skills on numbers.

Skip Counting 3s

Skip Counting 02 video Number progressions & Skip Counting in threes math video lesson online, from 426 to 435. for 3rd graders.

Skip Counting by 9

Skip Counting by 9 videoSkip Counting by nine math lesson. Start doing so with a sequence from 538 to 619. Improve counting skills.

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers video Comparing numbers lesson, add and subtract and compare numbers, e.g. 2 + __is __10.

Comparing Numbers 2

Comparing Numbers 2 video Learn how to compare two or more numbers by watching this math lesson online. Improve number skills.

Ways to Make Numbers

Ways to Make Numbers video Ways to Make Numbers by mixed operations of addition, subtraction, division. How do we make 10 ?

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns video Gain skills watching this video lesson on how patterns repeat themselves. Apply such skills in life.

Similar Patterns

Similar Patterns video Understanding how to identify similar patterns in a maths scenario by watching this video online.

Spatial Sense

Spatial Sense video Spatial sense - learn how to position objects left, right, middle, above, below, bottom etc.

Rounding Nearest 100s

Rounding Nearest Hundred videoReview skills on how to rounding numbers to the nearest hundred e.g. 450 = 500, math lesson.

Rounding Nearest Ten

Rounding Nearest Ten video Practicing rounding up numbers to the nearest 10, math video lesson for children online. Watch & pause.

Rounding Numbers

Rounding Nearest Thousand videoRound up big numbers to the nearest thousand video lesson online e.g. 980 = 1,000, and more skills to gain.

Rounding Rules

Rounding Rules videoLearn the rules of rounding up numbers by watching this math video online. Self -paced learning activity.

Subtract Across Zeros

Subtract Across Zeros video Practice subtraction of large numbers lesson online across zero places e.g. 1,000 + 100,000 = ?


Subtract Whole Numbers With Regrouping videoSubtract of large whole numbers which entail carrying across different places. Interactive video for kids.

Subtract  Numbers

Subtract Whole Numbers Without Regrouping videoSubtract of numbers without regrouping, learn to add numbers along places. Practice by watching online.


Subtraction video Subtraction of numbers, gain skills in taking away and learn how to apply such skills in real life.


Subtraction without regrouping videoSubtraction, no regrouping or carrying e.g. learn how to borrow across place values when subtracting  .

Multi-Step subtraction

Subtraction Multi Step Word Problem 19 Pencils video Multi- step subtraction, learn with word problems involving subtraction of two numbers or more.

Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time video Understanding how to determine elapsed time on clocks, e.g. what time will it be three hours after 3:00.

Time in Hours

Time Telling Hour videoTelling time to the hour, math video lesson on teaching kids how to read time e.g. 6:00 am, 7:00 am.

Time in Half Hours

Time to Half Hour videoReading time to the half hour video lesson, for example 5:30, six thirty etc. Gain life skills on telling time.

Time to Quarter Hour

Time to Quarter Hour videoLearn to read time to the quarter hour e.g. what time is it at fifteen minutes past the hour. e.g. 12:15.

Time Word Problem

Time Word Problem Bedtime Sleep Hours videoTime word problem, program a time table on when to go to bed, teach gets how to apply time in life.

Time Word Problem

Time Word Problem Exam Time video Understanding issues related to time by solving a word problem, based on a real life situation.

Reading a Thermometer

Reading Thermometer videoThermometer & temperature reading math video lesson online for third graders. Watch and learn.

3rd Grade math video tutorials online for kids

3rd grade math video tutorials online for third graders to practice several math skills. Each video lesson targets a particular third grade skill. After watching a video, print a similar 3rd grade math worksheet and get more practice. These math lessons are in line with common core state standards for 3rd grade. Some topics covered are as follows: Addition, Division and Fractions, Fractions, Geometry, Graphs, tallies, measurements Money, Multiplication, Numbers and counting, Patterns, Spatial Sense, Rounding numbers, Subtraction, Time