6th grade math lesson tutorials online, for children, practice several sixth grade math skills, 6th grade math test paper, Fractions.

Adding Fractions

Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators video Practice adding fractions with unlike denominators video.

Add Mixed Numbers

Adding Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators video Adding mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

Dividing Fractions

Dividing Fractions video Practice dividing fractions with this video on Kids Math TV.

Divide Mixed Numbers

Dividing Mixed Numbers video Practice dividing mixed numbers with this math video.

Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Fractions video Practice multiplying fractions with this math video.

Multiply Mixed No.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers video Practice multiplying mixed numbers math video.

Subtract Fractions

Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators videoSubtracting fractions with unlike denominators video.

Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators videoSubtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators.


Terminating Repeating Decimals videoTerminating & Repeating Decimals  math video.

Applied Percentage

Percentage Word Problem 10 Percent Discount video Practice percentage word problem, 10% discount video.

Percentage , Applied

Percentage Word Problem bottle water videoPercentage word problem applied to bottle of water video.


Percentage Word Problem distance covered video Percent applied to distance covered math video practice.


Percentage Word Problem Profit videoPercentage applied to profits math video for kids.

Pie graphs

Percentages with pie graphs videoPercentages with pie graphs math video on Kids Math TV.

Ratio Applied

Ratio Word Problem Cost of Cars video Practice ratios applied to cost of cars with this math video.

Ratio Word Problem

Ratio Word Problem Sharing 2400 Dollars videoRatio word problem on sharing $2400 math video.

Adding Decimals

Adding Decimals video Practice Adding Decimals with this video on Kids Math TV.

Comparing Decimals

Comparing Decimals video Practice Comparing Decimals with this math video.

Divide Decimals

Dividing Decimals by Decimals video Practice Dividing Decimals by Decimals with this video.

Dividing Decimals

Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers videoLearn dividing decimals by whole numbers video.

Division, Remainders

Division with Fraction Remainders video Practice Division with Fraction Remainders with this video.

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals video Practice multiplying decimals with this math video.

Ordering Decimals

Ordering Decimals video Practice Ordering Decimals with this math video.

Rounding Decimals

Rounding Decimals videoRounding Decimals math video on Kids Math TV.

Subtracting Decimals

Subtracting Decimals videoSubtracting Decimals math video.

Decimals, Fractions

Decimals Fractions Mixed Numbers video Practice Decimals Fractions & Mixed Numbers video.

Simplifying Fractions

Simplifying Fractions video Practice simplifying fractions with this math video.

Applied Percentage

Percentage Word Problem Number Students videoPercentage word problem video on number of students.

Applied Ratio

Ratio Word Problem Sharing 500 Dollars videoRatio word problem applied to sharing $500 math video.

Ratio Word Problem

Ratio Word Problem Sharing Dollars video Ratios applied to sharing money video on Kids Math TV.

Proportions distance

Proportions distance video Practice Proportions distance with this video.


Time Word Problem Minutes of Sleep videoTime word problems related to minutes of sleep video.


Patterns Figure out patterns video Practice Patterns Figure out patterns with this video.


Patterns Unknown Numbers video Practice Patterns Unknown Numbers with this video.

Dividing by 2 Digits

Dividing by 2 Digits videoDividing by two Digits math video on Kids Math TV.


Division with Decimal Remainders videoDivision with Decimal Remainders math video.

Division, Remainders

Division with Remainders video Practice division with remainders in this math video.

Long Division

Long Division by 3 Digits video Practice long division by 3 digits math video.

Applied Division

Division Word Problem Hours on Boat video Practice Division word problems hours on boat video.

Complementary Angles

Complementary Angles video Practice complementary angles with this math video.

Missing Angles

Finding Measures of Missing Angles videoFinding measures of missing angles math video.

Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines video Practice parallel lines with this video on Kids Math TV.

Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular Lines video Practice perpendicular lines on this video - KidsMath TV.

Angles in Circle

Sum of Angles in Circle videoSum of angles in a circle video on Kids Math TV.

Angles, Quadrilateral

Sum of Angles in Quadrilateral videoFind sum of angles in a quadrilateral math video.

Angles -Triangle

Sum of Angles in Triangle videoSum of angles in a triangle video on Kids Math TV.

Suppl. Angles

Supplementary Angles videoSupplementary angles math video on Kids Math TV.

Geometry (applied)

Geometry Word Problem Buying Carpet videoGeometry, Area applied to buying a carpet math video.

Applied Geometry

Geometry Word Problem Grass Field videoGeometry applied to  area of a Grass Field video.

Geometry (applied)

Geometry Word Problem Painting Wall videoGeometry word problem on painting a wall video.


Area of Parallelogram video Practice area of parallelogram math video.

Area of Triangle

Area of Triangle videoPractice Area of Triangle with this math video.

Measuring Angles

Measuring Angles video Practice measuring angles with this math video.

Surface Area

Surface Area video Practice finding the surface area video for Kids.

Volume of Prism

Volume of Rectangular Prisms video Practice finding volume of rectangular prisms video.

Vertical Angles

Vertical Angles videoVertical angles video on Kids Math TV.


Mean video Practice finding the mean with this math video.


Median video Practice finding median with this math video.


Mode video Practice finding the Mode with this math video.

Mean, Median, Mode

Mean Median Mode video Practice Mean Median Mode - video on Kids Math TV.

Coordinate Pairs

Plotting Coordinate Pairs video Practice Plotting Coordinate Pairs with this math video.

Possible Outcomes

Possible Outcomes video Practice possible outcomes with this math video.


Probability video Practice Probability with this video on Kids Math TV.

Bar Graphs

Reading Bar Graphs videoReading Bar Graphs math video on Kids Math TV.

Linear Graph

Interpreting Line Graph video Practice interpreting a line graph with this math video.

Expts. & Std. Form

Exponent to Standard Form videoExponents converted to standard form math video.

Std. to Expt. Form

Standard to Exponent Form videoConvert standard to exponent form math video.

Data Analysis

Mean median mode range data set videoMean, median, mode and range in a data set math video.

Multiplying by 3 Digits

Multiplying by 3 Digits video Multiplying by 3 Digits math video on Kids Math TV.

Applied Multiplication

Multiplication Word Problem Book Letters videoMultiplication word problem applied to Book Letters video.

Multiplication Applied

Multiplication Word Problem Pin Package videoMultiplication word problem on pins in a package video.

Money problem

Money problem 01 video Practice money exercises with this math video.

Distributive Property

Distributive Property videoPractice the distributive property with this math video.


Multiplication Division Vocabulary video Learn multiplication & division vocabulary with this video.

6th Grade math lesson tutorials online

6th grade math lesson tutorials online for children to practice several sixth grade math skills. Each video details steps involved in solving problems. After watching each video, download 6th grade math worksheets on similar topics and get more practice. Some of the topics covered have been identified through a color key as outlined below: Fractions and decimals, Division, Geometry, Graphs and data, Number theory, Multiplication, Money, Pre algebra and concepts, Time, Pattern.  Read more below>>>

On this page, you will find a list of math resources sixth graders can use. We selected the most relevant topics and make them short and concise. The skills taught here prepare grade six kids for the next level. After watching all these videos, kids can take any 6th grade math test successfully. These videos are interactive; meaning they can be paused and watched over and over until the needed skills are learnt. At this level, math is not all about abstract concepts but also about bringing in a blend of theory and practice in word problems. Generally, kids learn in think in logical terms by solving some math logic problems e.g. about time, ratios, percentages, division etc. Children also learn about spending money in a practical way through money word problems. That's not all, other practical lessons on telling time tend to involve daily life experiences. Furthermore, topics like finding the area of surfaces like area of a circle, Pythogorean theorem and the perimeter of other geometric shapes could be applied life situations like finding the area of a field, a community a home, distance run etc. It also gets much fun with topics like probability in which kids learn to find the possible outcomes of occurrences, card draws and more. Statistics and graphs also becomes a great way of introducing kids to the notion of handling large data and finding relationships between different data forms. Finally, lessons on fractions, ratios, percentages, properties of addition and division, rules of multiplication and algebra approach the concepts with more complexity which 6th graders need to acquaint themselves. Learning math here entails a lot of homework and homeschooling and the resources on this page come in handy to solve such problems. Teachers could make their tasks easy by getting kids to watch these videos while parents can keep their kids occupied just by letting them self-learn, watching these videos. Each video on this page is compatible for android and IOS (Iphone, tablet PC's) mobile devices and PC and are available online for 24 hours. Kids can watch this lessons at any time of the day and at any location. Learn on the go and keep improving math skills. After each video, print out a 6th grade math test paper and test your skills. Remember these videos are in line with 6th grade common core state standards. More topics:  decimals, Division, Geometry, Graphs and data, Number theory, Multiplication, Money, Pre algebra and concepts, Time, number Patterns