Pre Algebra

Adding Equals

Equals Added to Equals video Practice equals added to equals with this math video.

Equals Multiplied

Equals Multiplied by Equals video Practice equals multiplied by equals with this math video.

Missing Numbers

Finding Missing Numbers video Practice finding missing numbers math video.

Missing Operations

Finding Missing Operation video Practice finding missing operations math video.


Inequalities video Practice Inequalities with this video on Kids Math TV.

Linear Equations

Linear Equations video Practice Linear Equations with this video on Kids Math TV.

Multi Step Problems

Multi Step Problems video Practice multi step problems with this math video.

Negative Numbers

Negative Numbers video Practice Negative numbers with this math video.

Parentheses in Eq.s

arantheses in Equations video Parentheses in Equations math video on Kids Math TV.

Parentheses in Exp.

Parantheses in Expressions video Practice Parentheses in Expressions math video.


Representing relationships with Inequalities video Representing relationships with Inequalities math video.

Distributive Property

Distributive Property videoPractice the distributive property with this math video.


Multiplication Division Vocabulary video Learn multiplication & division vocabulary with this video.

Math video lessons on Pre algebra

Math video lessons on pre algebra for children in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Print out pre algebra worksheets on the site to get more practice.