Adding Equals

Equals Added to Equals video

Practice equals added to equals with this math video.

Equals Multiplied

Equals Multiplied by Equals video

Practice equals multiplied by equals with this math video.

Missing Numbers

Finding Missing Numbers video

Practice finding missing numbers math video.

Missing Operations

Finding Missing Operation video

Practice finding missing operations math video.


Inequalities video Practice Inequalities with this video on Kids Math TV.

Linear Equations

Linear Equations video Practice Linear Equations with this video on Kids Math TV.

Multi Step Problems

Multi Step Problems video Practice multi step problems with this math video.

Negative Numbers

Negative Numbers video Practice Negative numbers with this math video.

Parentheses in Eq.s

arantheses in Equations video Parentheses in Equations math video on Kids Math TV.

Parentheses in Exp.

Parantheses in Expressions video Practice Parentheses in Expressions math video.


Representing relationships with Inequalities video Representing relationships with Inequalities math video.

Distributive Property

Distributive Property videoPractice the distributive property with this math video.


Multiplication Division Vocabulary video Learn multiplication & division vocabulary with this video.

Math video lessons on Pre algebra 

Math video lessons on pre algebra for children in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Print out pre algebra worksheets on the site to get more practice.

On this page, you can take a look at the sample math tutorials in our category for linear algebra videos. Our collection of informative and bite-sized videos can be a convenient studying aid for students to practice their skills in linear algebra at their own pace. Remember that you can access the rest of our growing library of mathematics videos by signing up to as a member.

Students who have only recently encountered algebra in their math subjects can feel intimidated by the learning curve of this math concept. This is quite normal – after all, seeing letters in math equations can seem like opening up an entirely new dimension to math. By setting a reasonable and consistent study habit, they can begin to overcome their struggles with algebra and the rest of their secondary school math curriculum.

We believe that there’s an easy and efficient way to teach algebra online. Our linear algebra videos only last roughly two to five minutes because we keep ourselves focused on discussing key topics and important details. That means your students can breeze through a bunch of our tutorials in the span of one study session. Remember that our website’s video players are interactive; they can pause, play and replay relevant sections to learn better.

Each tutorial is narrated in a clear and authoritative voice. We use only simple and direct English so that our ESL audience and younger learners can follow along comfortably. We also make use of visual aids and writing on whiteboards to better demonstrate math concepts.

This category tackles various topics in pre-algebra, algebra I and algebra II. You’ll be pleased to note that our coverage of each lesson falls in line with common core state standards.

To begin their progress through this category, children can watch our introductory video on the rules for adding integers. They can then move on to our accompanying video where they’ll apply their knowledge of the rules to fill out a T-chart about adding integers. We’ve also covered the processes for subtracting integers as well.

We have a few brief tutorials detailing different key aspects of the correct order of operations for them to review before they proceed to learning how to multiply and divide integers. Determining whether the answer to an equation is positive or negative is essential to mastering the use of arithmetic operations in linear algebra.

We’ve also provided tutorials for solving problems about rate, ratios and proportions. In addition, this category has dedicated a few videos on how to deal with two-step equations.

Our linear algebra worksheets from the KidsMathTV Worksheets category make perfect pairs to these videos. You can save and print our sheets to help your students hone their skills. Our videos depict multiple practice problems to guide students to the proper process of solving them.

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