Preschool math worksheets, PDF Printable math worksheets, geometry, shapes, spatial sense, comparing weights etc

Different shapes

Different shapes
Practice sorting different shapes with this worksheet.
Same but different object size

Same but different object size
Practice differentiating objects, same but different object size with this worksheet.

Sorting same objects
Identifying same objects sorting worksheet.
Compare mixed groups with pics

Compare in mixed groups with pictures
Comparing mixed groups of objects with pictures with this worksheet.
Compare more few with dots

Comparing more and few with dots
Comparing more or fewer objects with dots worksheet.
Compare more few with pics

Comparison of more / few with pictures
Learn comparing more / few objects on pictures with this worksheet.
Counting tally marks to 20

Counting tally marks up to 20
Counting tally marks 1 to 20 with worksheet pdf.
Counting tally marks to 30

Counting tally marks 1 to 30
Counting tally marks 1 to 30 with worksheet. Print and practice
Counting objects

Counting objects / pictures
Counting objects on a worksheet.
Counting house mix

Learn counting in a house mix
Practice counting stuff in a house with this worksheet.
Counting pyramid

Counting on a pyramid
Counting objects on a pyramid worksheet.
Number 1 worksheet

Learn spelling number one worksheet
Practice Number 1 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 2 worksheet

Counting to two worksheet
Practice number 2 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 3 worksheet

Number 3 worksheet
Practice Number 3 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 4 worksheet

Number 4 worksheet
Practice Number 4 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 5 worksheet

Number 5 worksheet
Practice Number 5 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 6 worksheet

Number 6 worksheet
Practice Number 6 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 7 worksheet

Number 7 worksheet
Practice Number 7 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 8 worksheet

Number 8 worksheet
Practice Number 8 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 9 worksheet

Number 9 worksheet
Practice Number 9 worksheet with this worksheet.
Number 10 worksheet

Number 10 worksheet
Practice Number 10 worksheet with this worksheet.
Growing patterns

Growing pattern in maths
Growing patterns worksheet for kindergarteners.
Similar patterns

Similar patterns
Identifying similar patterns activity worksheet.
Inside and outside positions

Inside and outside spatial sense
Positioning objects - inside vs outside activity worksheet.
Left right middle positions

Positions - Left, right, middle & positions
Practice left, right & middle positions worksheet.
Left right positions

Left vs right positions
Left vs right positions / spatial sense worksheet.
Locate in a 3 by 3 grid 2

Location in a 3 by 3 grid
Learn locating in a 3 by 3 grid with this worksheet.
Locate in a 3 by 3 grid

Locate in a 3 by 3 matrix
Practice locating in a 3 by 3 graph in this worksheet.
Top bottom middle positions

Top, bottom & middle positions
Learn about top, bottom & middle positions with this sheet.
Shapes in real life

Identifying shapes in real life
Geometry & Shapes in real life practice for kids.
Shapes worksheets 1

Shapes & geometry activity
Shapes and geometry worksheets, learn basic shapes.
Solid and planar figures

Solid and planar figures
Identify solid figures that relate planar shape with this worksheet.
Symmetry worksheet

Symmetry worksheet
Observe symmetry / asymmetry in objects activity in geometry .
Light or heavy worksheet

Light or heavy activities
Comparing light & heavy objects - which is lighter or heavier ?.
Size long short worksheet

Size vs long objects
Review comparing object sizes, long vs short worksheet.
Tall Short worksheet

Tall vs Short worksheet
Comparing objects - which is taller vs Shorter.

Preschool math worksheets - PDF Printable math activities

Preschool math worksheets for children to practice early math skills on counting, numbers, positions, time and more. These worksheets are in printable pdf format and are well illustrated with the best graphics and pictures that appeal to children at this age. Remember pre-k worksheets on that page can supplement teaching materials for teachers and parents who need to give their kids extra practice. There is a lot to learn about shapes: identify different geometric shapes, on spatial sense learn about position of objects in space, learn how to compare numbers of items, learn about patterns, counting tallies etc.

Free preschool math worksheets

Preschool is a fantastic time for children to be learning the building blocks of mathematics. While adults and older kids can grasp higher levels of math, toddlers and children still need to master the most basic concepts of math to easily learn the rest as they age.
Help your children view math as an exciting and stimulating activity by letting them work on these free preschool math worksheets. We present a variety of sheets on pre-K math topics to give your child a well-rounded start to their math journey.
Each of our sheets is designed with bright, colourful graphics and symbols that are easy to understand – so that your child can be both visually and mentally engaged in the world of math. Since kids at this level may still be trying to grasp the basic points of math, we’ve made sure not to overwhelm them with tons of details; our sheets always dive straight to the point.
Our preschool math worksheets for free aim to build an assortment of various basic skills that will contribute to their math education in later years.
Kids will need to practice identifying and classifying various shapes, symbols and pictures as a way to train their cognitive thinking early. Our classification worksheets can help them identify distinct items, and later group them into categories which share similarities.
Another related skill lies in comparing the properties of various items. Using different symbols and images to teach this skill, our comparison worksheets will build your child’s early analytical ability and ability. They will try their hand in differentiating objects based on their quantity and appearance.
Quintessential to any preschool math education is teaching your little learners how to count – quickly, accurately and reliably. Luckily, our collection of counting worksheets can provide your children with loads of ways to practice how to count objects.
We have sheets designed to teach counting using different objects as representations of numbers. We also offer sheet activities that tease their minds a little bit more, by challenging them to count the total quantity of different things – such as trees, boxes and beetles – throughout a house or another large image.
Our assortment also includes sheet tutorials for children to master writing and spelling numbers – complete with guides and practice rows for a simple but effective math workout. We also offer activities on paper for them to sharpen their sense for discovering different kinds of patterns, as well as teach them the rudiments of spatial awareness and positioning, shapes, and sizes.
Studying these pre-school math topics at an early age can add a considerable advantage to your child’s mental and intellectual growth. Feel free to use our free preschool math worksheets to give them a productive and satisfying way in learning various math topics to prepare for kindergarten and elementary school.
You can download our printable PDF worksheets at any time as a means to bolster your little learners’ math progress from home or at school. Consider bookmarking this page to easily find and access our collection of math resources.