1st grade math video lesson tutorials for children online, Addition, Data, Graphs, Fractions, Geometry, Money, Numbers and counting.

Addition, no regrouping

Addition without regrouping videoAddition of numbers without carrying video lesson for first graders.


Addition video Basic addition without carrying math video on Kids Math TV.

Addition of Numbers

Addition of Numbers videoReview addition of two numbers with this video online or at home.

Adding Coins

Adding Coins video Learn addition of money (US. dollar coins) in this video lesson for kids.

Addition Word Problem

Addition Word Problem People on Bus video Addition word problems grade 1 video for  extra practice online


Classification video Classifying objects math video tutorial for kids to learn visually & practically.

Growing Patterns

Growing Patterns video Growing patterns lesson on video for kids to watch online & interact.

Location in a 3 by 3 Grid

Location 3 by 3 Grid video Location in a 3 by 3 grid lesson online for interactive practice with 1st graders.

Math vocabulary

Math vocabulary operation signs video Learning new math vocabulary, math video tutorials for online.

Short vs Long

Short Long video Learn the notion of length, short vs Long math video online easy learning.

Picture Graph

Picture Graph video Representing data on picture graphs, basic lesson online with flexible learning options.


Probability video Finding the probability of occurrence in math. Practice this skill online.

Tally Marks

Tally Marks video Counting with tally marks, illustrated math video lesson for extra practice on Kids Math TV.

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram video What are Venn Diagrams ? Learn online with fun and interactivity - 1st grade lesson.

Line Plots

Line Plots video How to plot a curve / graph math video lesson online, for 1st graders to learn graphs.

Line Plots

Line Plots 2 video Plotting lines on a graph show relationships between data, video about graphs.

Picture Graph

Picture Graph video Visually obtaining information on a picture graph video lesson for kids.

Fraction of a group

Fractions As Part Group videoFinding fractions as part of a group video lesson for kids in grade 1. Watch & learn

Fractions, part of whole

Fractions As Part Whole video Fractions as part of a whole circle math video lesson on Kids Math TV.

Common Shapes

Common Shapes video Geometry with common shapes video tutorial, watch and learn.


Congruent non Congruent Figures videoIdentifying congruent / non congruent figures video tutorial for first graders.


Symmetry video Understanding the concept of symmetry in real life objects video for Kids.

Planar vs 3D Shapes

Planar 3D Shapes video How Planar & 3D shapes relate to each other, math video for kids to watch and see it.

Identifying coins

Identifying Coins video Teaching kids to identify value of Coins / Money in US. dollars.

Counting in fives

Counting fives video Teach kids how to count in fives video lesson, e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.

Counting in threes

Counting threes video Introduce skip counting in in threes video lesson for 1st graders. 3, 6, 9 ....

Counting in twos

Counting twos video Counting in twos, teaching kids how even numbers progress.

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers video Understanding ordinal numbers math video tutorial for children online.

Even & Odd Numbers

Even Odd Numbers video Differentiating between even & odd numbers visual & interactive lesson online.

Identify Place Values

Identifying Place Value video Math video lesson on identifying place value of numbers, units, tens, hundreds etc.

Number Positions

Number Positions videoFinding the position of number in a sequence math video lesson for kids.

Number Lines

Number Lines video Math lesson teaching kids how to understand numbers on number lines.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 01 videoConverting between Roman & Arabic Numerals video lesson for Kids online.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 02 video Watch and learn online the equivalence between Roman & Arabic Numerals.

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers video Learning how to compare numbers math video - Greater, less than, equal to.

Reading a Calendar

Reading Calendar video Video on teaching kids how to read dates on a calender, Jan - Dec.

Counting 1 to 10

Counting 1 to 10 video Teaching Counting from 1 to 10 interactive math video online for kids.

Number 1

Number 01 video Practice Number 1 (one) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 2

Number 02 video Practice Number 2 (two) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 3

Number 03 video Practice Number 3 (three) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 4

Number 04 video Practice Number 4 (four) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 5

Number 05 video Practice Number 5 (five) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 6

Number 06 video Practice Number 6 (six) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 7

Number 07 video Practice Number 7 (seven) with this math video.

Number 8

Number 08 video Practice Number 8 (eight) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 9

Number 09 video Practice Number 9 (nine) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Number 10

Number 10 video Practice Number 10 (ten ) with this video on Kids Math TV.

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns video Understanding repeating patterns math video tutorials for kids online.

Similar Patterns

Similar Patterns video Indentifying similar patterns  video lesson for homeschooling kids.

Spatial sense

Inside Outside Positions videoLocating objects in space (Inside and outside positions) math video lesson for kids.


Subtraction video Basic subtraction of small numbers video for interactive learning.


Subtraction video Introducing subtraction to 1st graders math video on Kids Math TV.


Subtraction without regrouping videoMath lesson on subtraction of numbers without carrying,  watch and learn.

Word Problem

Subtraction Word Problem 8 Apples videoSubtraction word problems for grade 1 children to review subtraction skills.

Clocks Types

Clocks Types video Teaching kids to identify different kinds of clocks - electronic, analogue, models etc

Time in Hours

Time Telling Hour videoTelling time after hours, easy video on 1:00 o'clock, 2:00 o'clock etc.

Time in Half Hours

Time to Half Hour videoTime thirty minutes past the hour video lesson e.g. 1:30, 2:30 etc.

Time to Quarter Hour

Time to Quarter Hour videoTime to the quarter hour lesson, video online e.g. 1:15, 3:15 etc.

1st grade math video lessons online

1st grade math video lesson tutorials for children online to practice first grade math skills on Addition, patterns, data and graphs, numbers, counting, spatial sense, fractions, time and more. These 1st grade math video tutorials help children to learn, review and understand math concepts required for this level. Each math lesson can be watched several times and several skills can be learned. After watching, print out 1st grade math worksheets to get more practice on similar math problems.  These videos are fun, interactive and slow enough for first graders to follow. Topics: Addition Assorted skills Data & Graphs Fractions Geometry Money Numbers and counting Patterns Spatial Sense Subtraction Time