Math apps for kids

Teaching math to kids between six and seven years old has never been easy. However, in this era of prolific technology in which many children know how to use computers and smart phones, these platforms offer many games and activities available for these platforms that can help parents and instructors teach math lessons to children.

Therefore, teachers in elementary schools advise parents to use technology to aid in the development of their children's math skills. So, how you can use computers and smart phones to help your child with math?

Math apps for kids are a new generation of teaching tools, showing kids how to count, how to solve logical math problems, and much more. There are different apps that include different ways of learning math. Since many children today have smart phones, you can use them to help your kids learn math in a fun and easy way!

In this article we will present several math apps for kids that are particularly useful, interesting and fun:

  1. “Hungry Fish,” by Motion Math. According to reviews, this is a must-have math app for kids. This is a game for smart phones where kids can start to build a strong foundation in math. It is a simple game that is easy for kids to learn. They will start to love it from the minute they play it!
  2. “Math Evolve,” by InterAction Education and Zephyr Games. This smart phone game lets kids practice basic math functions, like multiplication and division. It is fun and it can be played in groups.
  3. “Jungle Time,” “Jungle Coins,” and “Jungle Fractions,” by Andrew Short. This app will teach children how to tell time, understand fractions, and understand money. Kids will start this game with the most rudimentary concepts and gradually progress over several grade levels. These games all come highly-recommended.

These are just few math apps that parents and teachers can use to help children as they learn math. Don't worry about needing any special expertise; all the apps are specially designed to teach math to children, and thus are very easy and understandable for everyone.