How do you introduce math to kids

Children in elementary school learn a variety of subjects, including math. Most of them, when they start school in the first grade, do not know what math is and usually do not understand it. This can lead both teachers and parents to wonder how best to introduce math to kids.

The simplest example with which to introduce math is a counting visualization. If you show the objects that you are counting, kids will understand and remember what you are talking about and how to count for themselves.

Let’s show an example. Suppose you want to teach your child how to count. The best way is to lay out four pens and tell the child to give them to people in the room (there should be four people in the room, so every person receives one pen).

When children perform math exercises and see personally how they works, their minds can retain the facts better for the future. Once your child passes this easy math exercise, let’s try a difficult one.

There are ten oranges on the table. You will eat three oranges and then ask your child how many oranges are left on the table. In this way, your child will see that there are seven oranges left on the table and be able to visualize the concept of subtraction. But if you do the same math exercise and, instead of eating three oranges, put three more oranges on the table, your child will be able to count the new oranges and visualize how to perform addition.

This math exercise is a simple way to give children an introduction to math and to make them understand the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. Gradually, as your child grows and moves into the third and fourth grade, he or she will learn how to multiply and divide.