Interesting classroom math games

If you are a first grade teacher working with children that are six and seven years old,  you probably need some new ways to motivate them, especially when it comes to learning math. Have you ever considered implementing math games into your classroom to make your work easier and make learning math fun?

Classroom math games can simplify the process and get children to start loving the subject! There are many different math games and activities that can include every kid in the classroom and make the lessons fun and unforgettable.

“Eggs-act Sums” is an interesting math game that will involve the entire class. It is played with dice, an egg carton and jelly beans. Every child who participates in this game will want to be the first to fill their egg carton with jelly beans, and in the process they will learn some basic lessons about math!

“Rollin' With the Facts” is another game that you as a teacher can implement in class. All you need are two sets of dice and a set of game cards that you can print out. The point of the game is for the children to flip over their cards; the winner is the first to flip all of his or her cards.

“Monkeying Around with Multiplication” is another great math game for every kid in the classroom. This game helps the kid improve at multiplying two- and three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. The child will win if he or she recognizes the correct and incorrect answers.

These are just a few classroom math games that can be used by teachers who are working with children in elementary school. Learning in groups and with these kinds of games can be great fun for both teachers and especially children.