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Geometry – 5th Grade Free Quiz

5th grade geometry quiz online featuring the following activities: calculating the area and perimeter of circles, triangles, rectangles and more. Students will also find the missing length of sides of shapes e.g. using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the missing side of right triangles. There are also exercises on finding the radius and circumference of […]

Order of operations – 6th Grade Free Quiz

Order of operations 6th grade quiz online – students will review skills involving applying BODMAS also known as PEMDAS to solve problems containing varied operations. If the order of operations is not respected in an activity, the response will not be the same. This activity is therefore tricky and students have to be very vigilant […]

Addition – 4th Grade Free Quiz

4th grade addition quiz online – This is for fourth graders to practice skills like: addition of numbers up to millions, addition of three numbers, estimate the sums of numbers to the nearest hundreds or thousands, addition word problems, add and find missing numbers. By this level kids must have learned a lot of skills […]

Place value – 3rd Grade Free Quiz

3rd grade quiz on place value – In this quiz skilled reviewed include: understanding place value models up to thousands, converting standard and expanded forms of numbers, place value word problems and more. Some problems will involve identifying the place value of underlined digits in a number while others may warrant students to type in […]

Graphs and data – 2nd Grade Free Quiz

This is a graphs and data quiz for 2nd graders. It features activities like: Finding the position of objects in a coordinate plane (X,Y), interpreting tally charts and tables, interpreting bar and linear graphs, Venn diagrams and more. After reviewing and mastering this topic, students will be able to draw graphs based on data collected […]

Addition – 1st Grade Free Quiz

Addition quiz for 1st grade kids to practice online. This quiz is an interactive online math MCQ based on several addition skills learnt in 1st grade. In this activity, kids will learn understanding addition, addition facts up to ten, addition beyond 20, addition with pictures, addition and making sentences, addition word problems and more. This […]

Telling Time – Kindergarten Free Quiz

This is a telling time quiz for kindergarten kids to review online. It features activities on reading the time on analogue clocks, matching time on digital and analogue clocks, differentiating between A.M. and P.M., days of the week, seasons, months in a year and more. By covering varied topics under time, this quiz is the […]