Easy ways to teach math to your children

Some day the time will come when you need to send your children to elementary school. During their education they will learn many new things, including mathematics, but you can give them a helping hand. However, there are no specific ways to teach your child how to count to ten and beyond. Also, there is no need for your child to have special mathematical skills to learn to count or to remember proofs and theorems.

Here are some basic tips that will help parents teach math to their children:

  1. Audio repetition. When a child hears and repeats mathematical concepts, he or she will start to remember it more easily and quickly. It can be very useful if parents record some math lessons to play for their children.
  2. Flash Cards. If you use visual objects like cards to teach your child math, it can help with memorizing numbers, addition and subtraction problems, multiplication tables, and more.
  3. Written problems. Along with verbal communication and teaching, writing can help children learn math. If a child writes out numbers and solves math problems with pencil and paper, it can facilitate the learning process.
  4. Interactive inclusion. Parents should implement math into the everyday life of their child. For example, they should allow to their child to count the change that he or she receives when buying an item at the store. This is an easy and effective way for children to learn the basics of math that will be fundamental to their lives.
  5. Online math games. Today, everyone uses computers. Even children as young as seven know how to work with computers. Parents should take advantage of this fact and use the computer to play online math games with their child. There are countless math games online that can be tailored a child's particular needs. This can be a fun way of learning math and can help the child start to love the subject before they start to school!

If you as a parent present math as a fun and useful thing to learn, your child will start to love it and it will want to learn it. So, with all these basic tips for how to teach math to your child, you can start showing to your child that math is both fun and interesting to learn!