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Air Strike Subtraction

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Category: Games
Publisher:Mphoweh Jude Nzembayie

SUBTRACTION PRACTICE FOR KIDS in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades
In this app children will review all skills needed for understanding subtraction quick facts. The exercises in this game cover five subtraction skills as follows:
Subtraction of numbers up to 10 for example 3 – 2 =
Subtraction of one from two digit numbers; for example 14 – 4 =
Subtraction involving multiples of 10 for example 50 – 20 =
Subtraction involving carrying (or regrouping) of numbers for example 31 – 2 =
Further review on subtracting two numbers with two digits for example 97 – 35 =
The menu is arranged in order of complexity, starting with easy to much complex problems. This classification makes the game suitable for children at different grades and at different levels of understanding. By clicking on each subtopic, players can test themselves with up to 15 multiple choice questions. In total there are 75 problems under the five different subtopics.
The airstrike game:
This game contains a jet flying across the sky. Also there are air balloons that emerge in front of the jet occasionally. A player has to aim and shoot at the right balloons progressively. Each time a question pops up, four answer options fly in with the balloons. Players have to solve each problem and touch the correct balloon. This enables the rocket to strike the correct target. If the player strikes the wrong target, the jet will be stroke by an opposing balloon. There is an aspect of timing to it; players must solve all problems within a given time else they lose points. At the end of the game, points are accumulated and there is feedback on all problems solved.
Review your subtraction facts with fun.
Air Strike Subtraction appAir Strike Subtraction app