(KMTV) is a Math tutorial site that brings the power of video into learning. Our math tutorials cover kindergarten to 8th grade and touches on all key topics learned at these levels. From learning to count to algebra, math learners across these levels will find all relevant math lessons covered.  For teachers, students and parents, this offers enormous possibilities.

Students: What if you could secretly learn your math before your school teacher even teaches it? Wouldn’t you spend classroom time focusing on the things you have difficulties on?

The power of learning through videos can be summed up this way:

“You can replay a video tutorial a million times, but you can’t ask your classroom tutor to replay a lesson just for you.”

Teachers are scarce and not always available to repeat lessons for those who missed a math step.

Every student has difficulties understanding a math lesson at some stage in learning. With our site, you can preview and review your math lessons.

Kids Math TV is the ultimate math home tutor that can be used by parents, students and teachers. Your several weeks of math lessons have all be handed to you in one place.

Teachers & Planners

The Kids Math TV (KMTV) project is conceived by Mphoweh Jude and developed for Eduterials Limited, Hong Kong.  The team behind the site consists of highly qualified professional Math tutors from the USA.

Rebecca Klein: The team was happy to be joined by Rebecca Klein Susan, a Carlifornia-based Math Tutor with a 17-year experience, teaching Math to kids from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.  Simply referred to as Becky, she is a highly skilled math tutor who was instrumental in the planning, recording and delivering of these highly effective math video tutorials you find on the site.

Nani D. Wall: From behind the scenes, Nani,  another California-based math tutor and specialist in early childhood development, was involved in the planning, editing and delivery of these tutorials. Together, they brought in a combined 40 years of different classroom teaching experiences to the table.

Techinal Team

There were lighting technicians, sound and video editors on the technical side that were key to setting up the stage for these lessons. A camera specialist advised on which hardware to buy. Several hours were spent cleaning noise from videos, improving lighting and redoing lessons that were deemed unfit to join the pack. A web specialist worked on making our site user-friendly, while a project manager put the troops in order.  It was simply an intensive behind-the-scenes operation to arrive at this wonderful product,