Telling time at 5 and 15 minutes past game for 2nd grade – Millionaire game

Time at 5 and 15 minutes past game for 2nd grade for extra practice.

Telling time is an important yet challenging concept for young learners. However, in second grade, math lessons on reading time are part of the curriculum but also is an important life saving skill for kids who need to go to school early, wake up, take a shower, set and alarm clock and so on. At kidsmathtv, we have devised an interesting lesson on telling time at five minutes and fifteen minutes past on analogue clock faces. It is a multiple choice exercise in which kids have to look at the clock and tell the time by selecting the right choice among the site of choices. In this exercise, your skills on skip-counting come in handy. This exercise also blends the fun of a millionaire game. As you answer each question you earn money progressively and if you fail, you lose money. At the end of the game you score points and win money. This game is a good home exercise which kids can use to test their skills on telling time at 5 minutes past or at 15 minutes past. It is also a great classroom game which teachers can use to stimulate and add excitement to their math class. Parents can also use this game to keep their kids excited and playing, but also importantly learning as they get along. Have fun !