Subtraction mental test game for 2nd grade – Coffee quiz game

Subtraction mental test game for 2nd grade for extra practice.

Math game on subtraction to test second graders mental abilities gained while at school. This is a usual homeschooling and classroom test which blends the excitement of filling up a coffee machine with 15 subtraction problems kids have to solve. This is a multiple choice quiz and kids can choose and submit answers as they play along. Remember this is an interactive online game and is available at any time from any location. It is for this reason that this will serve as a useful resource for teachers and parents of second graders. Simply open this page and let your kids play by themselves. At the end of each session, it will be easy to see which problems they passed or failed and more focus can be channeled in areas of weakness. The Coffee quiz math game is also compatible for Mobile devices and PCs and therefore can be played by kids anywhere they go and any time they want to. There is no limits to how many times you can play this game and this can be with teams / groups or as individuals. Also check out subtraction videos and worksheets on this website which could aid in the learning process.