Subtraction facts 1 to 20 game for 2nd grade – Fishing game

Subtraction facts 1 to 20 game for 2nd grade for extra practice.

What is subtraction first of all ? This is a question which hopefully by second grade children must be familiar with; it refers to the act of taking away a number from another number. In a more practical sense, it is the act of taking away an item or items from a group of items. With this in mind, kids can learn subtraction facts from 1 to 20 in which numbers within that range are subtracted from each other. e.g. 11 - 2 = 9, etc. In this game kids will learn subtraction without carrying which is pretty straightforward, kids simply have to subtract numbers at similar place value without having to borrow from another place to make up for another value. There are also problems where kids have to subtract and borrow or regroup from other places to make up for lower place values. The current activity is a math fishing game in which there are fish swimming in a pond and you have to keep throwing your hook until you catch a fish. Each time you catch a fish, a subtraction problem pops up. Solve this problem and choose the correct answer. This activity is like an interactive test which kids can use to test their subtraction skills in preparation of a class or exam or simply to review and keep their brains fresh. Remember also offers a wide variety of worksheets and videos on subtraction which kids can use to get extra practice. Have fun and review your subtraction facts.