Telling time at minutes and hours past game for 2nd grade – Millionaire game

Telling time at minutes and hours past game for 2nd grade for extra practice.

A lesson on how to read the time on clocks is always fun and yet a useful part of the second grade math curriculum. Kids can easily be taught this concept of reading time be using sample clock faces made of paper or toy clock faces which visually appeal to young learners. it is worth mentioning that a lesson on telling time is also important due to its necessity in the life of kids who need to be time conscious about the activities. In this math game on kidsmathtv, we have used the concept of the millionaire game to blend in multiple choice questions on reading time at different times past. This lesson focuses on telling time at a few minutes past the hour and also on simple problems of telling time to the hour. Remember there are several short and easy to understand videos which can be used alongside this game. This game is free, online and available on mobile and PC at all times of the day. Teachers, parents and kids can therefore use this free resource for practicing at home, in the classroom, in school and in groups or teams needing a platform for competition. Improve your math skills by taking this fun math game test.