Subtraction quick facts game for 2nd grade – Fishing game

Subtraction quick facts game for 2nd grade for extra practice.

In this subtraction fishing game, children will practice essential second grade subtraction skills. Kids will learn taking away with two numbers and get ready to start tackling harder problems that entail mixed operations, subtraction logic problems and subtraction word problems. This math game is an interactive online test with 15 multiple choice questions. Children should solve each problem and choose the correct answer among the set of choices. It is also important for kids to develop skills in rapidly answering questions by mental constructions of solutions. This subtraction quiz is free and always available online, making it a useful resource for teachers in the classroom and for parents at home who need to give their kids extra practice. Children can also use this before hand to prepare for their exams on any device be it mobile tablet PC's or Desktop computers. Please also remember that kidsmathtv also offers other resources to go along each activity. There are subtraction worksheets, videos and workbooks which you can use alongside each math topic. Have fun.