Subtraction of small numbers game for 2nd grade – Fishing game

Subtraction of small numbers game for 2nd grade extra practice.

In this game, kids will learn to subtract one digit numbers (i.e. one place numbers or units) from two place numbers .i.e. numbers that have the ones and tens place. Subtracting one from two place numbers could be a difficult concept for children especially if the have to subtract and carry (or regroup) across different places. However at kidsmathtv, we make the exercise of solving such challenging math problems easy through the fun of playing a fishing game and solving problems. This game is exciting and can be played bother at home and in school. If you are a second grader seeking to improve your subtraction skills, or a parent needing to give you kids extra homework practice or simply a teacher who wants to test kids skills in a fun way, this is the right place for you. This math game is compatible for mobile and PC and available free online at all time. Hope you enjoy it and please remember to check out other 2nd grade resources on this website.